A Phenomenal Southern Spain Vacation

A Phenomenal Southern Spain Vacation

Adventures, beauty, history, culture, excitement and more can be found when a person decides to travel to Southern Spain.  Throughout the entire year, people will find plenty of things to do and see, which sometimes makes it difficult when planning their Southern Spain itinerary.

Here are the five best cities and towns that everyone needs to place on their Southern Spain itinerary:

Arcos de la Frontera

Arcos de la Frontera is a quaint village in Southern Spain that is just outside the White Towns of Andalusia and in recent years, it was declared as a historic artistic monument.  A few of the best places to visit while in the village include the Church of San Pedro, Plaza de Cabildo, the San Miguel cultural hall, and the Basilica of Santa Maria.  At the end of a long day of exploring, people are encouraged to indulge in a glass of one of the wines that are made in the area.


This little village may be known for its culture, but many people travel there because of the delicious cuisine.  One of the best dishes that a person can try when they are there is the stuffed pork, which is filled with sausage, egg, bread crumbs, ham, and turkey breast.  While in Iznájar, people will want to visit the Parish Church of Santiago, the Castle, Plaza Rafael Alberti, and the patio comedies.


Carmona is filled with Neolithic remains, a plethora of history, and amazing architecture.  There are many different heritage routes that go through this town, including where Washington Irving, a famous writer, walked as he was entering and then leaving the town a few years later.  People will be impressed as they stop to visit the Roman Necropolis, the Chapel of San Francisco, the Mansion in the Aguilar, the Roman Amphitheater, the Fountain of Lions, and more.


This town used to be a prehistoric settlement, which has been proven many times over as people have found remains there as well as inside the Utrera, Crestellina, and Ferrete caves.  A few points of interest in this town include the Castle and Arabic Wall, the Fountain of Carlos III, the Mirador del Puerto, and Hedionda Baths, which are used despite the legends that are told about them.


The views from the El Tajo bridge are worth the trip to this town not too far from Malaga and if people are not convinced that the town is wonderful after seeing the sights, they should be convinced after drinking the renowned wine that is available there.  In addition to the views and the wine, people should also visit the Arab Baths, Mondragon Place, the Arab Walls, Jardines de Cuenca, and the Ruins of Acinipo.

Anyone that is planning a trip to Southern Spain may want to contact RoutePerfect for some assistance so that they can plan the perfect Southern Spain itinerary and see as much as possible during their time in the country.  A week or two goes by quickly and before people know it, their time in the country will be over, so a carefully planned Southern Spain itinerary can keep them on track as they venture from one destination to the next.