Bostonian Dishes Travelers Need To Enjoy During Their Food Tours

Bostonian Dishes Travelers Need To Enjoy During Their Food Tours

It is impossible to compile Boston’s defining dishes, but here are some hot favorites. You can get a zest of Hub culture eating them.

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Secret burger

This is a flavorful combo of brisket, beef patty, short rib, Cabot cheese tuile, salted onions, and special sauce sufficient enough to make an impression. This new classic is a secret burger available at Harvard Square.

Roast beef 1000 sandwich

Inimitable creations are offered between 2 slices of bread at Brookline. The most familiar one is brioche served with roast beef, sharp cedar, crispy shallot, and 1000 island dressing.


Sticky bun

Food tours Boston includes a visit to savor the delicious sticky bun. For years, the cinnamon-pecan taste of sticky bun has complied loyalists. There are no signs of its charisma growing less.

Clam chowder

Clam chowder recipe is same since its introduction in 1981. It is served at every presidential inauguration. Its popularity proves that parties need the involvement of salt port, little neck clams and potatoes.

Lobster rolls

Lobster roll is an icon, which is served with chilled mayo and warm melted butter. Wandering through the Salem Street, tourists with food tours can grab a lobster role.

Baked Alaska

On food front, baked Alaska’s reputation precedes. It is big and looks beautiful with bold flavor.

Boston cream pie

Boston food tour drives you to the historic Omni Parker’s restaurant to enjoy the official dessert of Massachusetts in the Brahmin era dining room.

Old bay oyster crackers

These are ideal accompaniment to oyster stews, clam chowders, and lobster bisques.


At Top Chef Restaurant visit, you can enjoy the legendary ‘bucket o’ giant biscuits’ along with honey butter.

List of dishes to enjoy in Boston is still long, but make sure to create a bucket list of your personal must-have favorites.