Tired of Losing Money at the Casinos Try These Vegas Nightclubs

Tired of Losing Money at the Casinos Try These Vegas Nightclubs

Vegas’ partying is well documented. So much the city had to create a tag line to tell people to keep their stories of wickedness and alcohol fuelled mischief to themselves. Here are some of the Las Vegas nightclubs you might want to try.

Jewel at Aria Resort & Casino

Calling something a “jewel” is a bold move. Not satisfied with only two successful nightclubs, the owners had to go for the trifecta. And of the three, this one is totally the best.


1OAK is fun and that’s all that really matters. The first thing you notice walking into the club is its long entryway. You get inside and find out how worth it the walk reallywas. 1OAK was designed around the dance floor, making it a true dancer’s nirvana.

Hakkasan at MGM Grand

Seriously, this is the place that all the other clubs want to be like. And why wouldn’t they? For one, the place is HUGE. Second, some of the world’s best DJs call this place home.

Hyde Bellagio at Bellagio

This place is decked out in all décor that is Italian-inspired with old-world touches like chandeliers, books, paintings, marble tiles and other pretty things we perhaps shouldn’t be touching. It’s not the coast of Italy, but the Bellagio Fountains outside the club are a fairly stunning extra.

Light at Mandalay Bay

You’re not going to the silk aerialists or go-go dancers. No, these fellows take the entertainment part of the club to an entirely different level by matching the themed tableaus and aerial acrobatics with not to be forgotten tech visuals, makeup and costumes.

Omnia at Caesars Palace

The owners at the Hakkasan Group have again done it right and the 3rd club in their portfolio it just the best of all. Omnia was opened in Caesars Palace in 2015 and hasn’t stopped being one of the best since. The very first thing you will notice after walking in is the chandelierwhich is really a giant spaceship-looking LED. From there, velvet curtains, mirrored panels, and list oftop DJs make Omnia a club you will want to come back to. If you need some air, or a walk outside, Omnia has a patio that will give you a unique view of Las Vegas.

So, if you are in Las Vegas and are tired of loosing money at the casinos, try something else to do.