Most Incredible Experience – A Tour to Phi Phi Island

Most Incredible Experience – A Tour to Phi Phi Island

The archipelago of Phi Phi islands is one of the most recognizable places in the Krabi region, if not in the whole of Thailand. Most travel agencies are advertised with photos from this area, connecting them even to other islands or regions. Phi Phi is considered to be a real paradise on earth. No one can avoid this place, which results in a huge number of tourists visiting these islands.

A Trip to Phi Phi Island

It is the only island of the archipelago, which is inhabited and has full tourist infrastructure. If you decide to have a longer stay, you will definitely land here. The center is located in the middle of the island, next to the port (Ton Sai Pier). The main beach of LohDalum Beach is located on the opposite side of the port – it is not delightful, but it is also not the worst. Reach the lookout point by private boat to phi phi from which there is a view of the entire island. Because the greater part of the island is covered with high rocks, the other beaches of the island can be reached by water, preferably buying a trip around the archipelago.

We are sharing the experience to Phi Phi island private tour program; main points of the tour not be “unhooked”.

  • Monkey Beach:

Monkey beach is located on the same island, or Koh Phi Phi Don. A small beach inhabited by cute macaques is the perfect place for an even more perfect selfie with a monkey. Stumping animals under the butt of cameras and cameras, giving fruits and taking on their hands – despite the sweet view, has its consequences in the form of changing the natural habits of animals.

  • Shark Point:

Shark Point is a scary name for any destination, especially when you’re on a boat.Shark Point is well known dive location for budding divers.Here there is a rock going down more than 20 meters deep where divers can find leopard sharks resting at the sandy bottom.These sharks are not dangerous to humans. We can snorkel or diver here

  • Bamboo Island:

The brightest point of the trip. A beautiful island wrapped in turquoise water and smooth, almost white sand beach. Additional island charm is added to the scattered branches of trees. We have only one hour to explore here.

  • Mosquito Island

Returning from Bamboo Island to Koh Phi Phi Don again, catch the Mosquito Island. We do not stop here; we admire the views from the boat. At this point, our guides give us lunch in boxes (fried rice with vegetables + a piece of watermelon).

Is It Worth It?

Stunning views, unbelievable underwater snorkeling, pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters make a private boat to Phi Phi totally worth it.This is a trip you will not forget anytime soon, it actually takes a few days just to absorb this trip after completion.The beauty of the islands and the stunning Maya Bay are really not to be missed. In Thailand there are a lot of places worth visiting, and Phi Phi is definitely one of them.