3 Must-Visit Cities in South America

3 Must-Visit Cities in South America

South American is a large continent with many diverse countries and cities that are filled with exciting and interesting things to do. Even though South America is mostly Latin, it has a lot of different cultures with cosmopolitan and colonial cities.

Some of the cities are modern with brand new architecture while others are more rural with a different kind of charm. When you start considering your options in South America, it can be difficult to make a decision. This is why we’ve made this list of cities you must visit.

Rio de Janeiro

A combination of amazing beaches, beautiful waters, large mountains, and tropical rainforests, Rio is truly one of the greatest cities in the world. One of the things everyone must do when in Rio is to go to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain with a cable car.

This city is all about fun as it is surrounded by sea and has many great beaches. There is a large carnival each year and many people hit the streets, to listen to music and dance the whole day away.


Visiting Peru’s Cuzco will take you back in time to the period when Incas lived on these lands. At the same time, Cuzco is a city located near Machu Picchu and it was the capital of the Inca civilization. The city is literally built on the remains on ancient palaces and temples with a lot of history around it.

You can also find Sacsayhuaman near Cuzco. These ancient ruins are an amazing spot to learn about history but also get a great view of the city. Apart from culture and history, Cuzco is also the capital of nightlife in Peru.

La Paz

With many South America tours, the capital of Bolivia is always a destination that has to be visited. La Paz is located at 3,600m above sea level and there are many things to do while walking around the city. It simply has a vibrant atmosphere and tons of excitement.

No matter where you go, you can see many interesting and even bizarre sights. La Paz is the city with the highest and largest cable car network in the world, and exploring the city this way is simply amazing.

These are the 3 cities you should always look to visit when you’re in South America. Of course, they offer so many other things to do apart from what we’ve mentioned today and it would take years to learn everything about them.