Best Exotic Holiday Destinations

Best Exotic Holiday Destinations

Not every holiday is about museums and galleries. Sometimes you just want to relax in a shade, look at the horizon and enjoy the hell out of it. Exotic destinations provide exactly that. You can spend the whole day lying on the beach, or you can go into the wilderness and explore the surroundings.

You’ll never be bored and you’ll always get a chance to experience something new. Exotic animals and plants you’ve never seen before are just a part of it. Even if you aren’t such a fan of hot weather, you have to agree that this sounds very exciting. Now, there are many places where you can experience this, but there are just a couple where you can have the full experience.


Even the name of this 115-island archipelago sounds exotic. The main islands are Praslin, Mahe and La Digue, but why limit yourself to only three of these? There is more than enough to choose from. On the other hand, you can spend the whole vacation on one island and still have a good time.

The best part about Seychelles, besides beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, is the fact that it’s not overcrowded with tourists. The country maintains its original charm, giving you the authentic, local experience.


The true meaning of tropical paradise, Belize must find its place on your bucket list, if it’s not already there. As you arrive, you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery. Everything is just perfect, the beaches, the sky, you name it.

A tropical Belize vacation is the perfect excuse to relax and find your inner peace. You can spend your days drinking cocktails in the shade, enjoy the sound of waves and admire the look. You can snorkel all day long, dive and explore the sea life. You can explore out of the water as well. Discover ancient Mayan temples, see new animals and exotic plants, or if you like action, you can always give the zip-line a try.

St. Lucia

There is much to be said about Saint Lucia but the most important thing is its absolutely awe-inspiring beauty. This volcanic island offers a lifetime’s worth of memories with its amazing waterfalls, soft sandy beaches and beautiful reefs that are just waiting to be explored. Discover a world of tropical fish, and maybe see a coral or two…or hundreds of them.

This isn’t even the half of it. Let’s not even start talking about the local cuisine, one of the finest and most underrated in the world. And while we’re at it, let’s not mention the amazing culinary diversity only matched by the diversity of the natural landscape. Let’s not.