jeep safari hurghada Egypt – best Tours, Tickets and Activities you will find in red sea trips online.

jeep safari hurghada Egypt – best Tours, Tickets and Activities you will find in red sea trips online

jeep safari hurghada Mountain safaris …. trips are increasing demand in Hurghada

jeep safari hurghadaegypt

The Red Sea Governorate is one of the tourist governorates that places its tourism companies at the top of its programs for tourists coming to it mountain safaris because of the province of Ubaidah mountain and mountain ranges suitable for climbing, camel and horse riding and sport racing cars and motorcycles 4-wheel drive

Red Sea safari is also characterized by a special charm of Odeh Mountain and the Red Sea mountain ranges from its unique nature, its unique pure sand and its Bedouin tribes, which have become the source of income for most of them

In the course of mountain safaris, tourists are organized in groups to carry out the journey. Each group has a leader or a guide to familiarity with the desert paths. It is often the facilities of tourist groups belonging to the company organizing trips and safari.

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The commander takes the group in a straight line after instructions not to increase the speed while driving during the motorcycle ride as well as not to walk away from the group by switching to the valley known as the Red Sea desert

The means of transport by four-wheel drive to the various Audi and then ride motocycles equipped specifically for this purpose

After that, various barbecues are organized in Al-Udayah in cooperation with the Bedouin people of Umayyad and its nomadic inhabitants, who have become a permanent source of livelihood for them through their beauty, as well as organizing Bedouin parties and food.

The security devices secure the mountain safari periodically, where all the names of tourists are recorded through the companies and escort the police car to them and follow them until they return to hotels at night

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Varied forms of safari in the province of Hurghada, where it offers the opportunity for fans of this sport to enjoy the best Ausflüge Delfintour suitable for them

Enjoy the province camps Desert equipped and organized as well as motorcycle safari and known as Moto safari and car safari