Activities to indulge in Lyon

Activities to indulge in Lyon

Lyon is a picturesque French town that is included in the Rhone-Alps region. The city is easily accessible to various locations in France which allows tourists to explore several places once they are in Lyon. The Mediterranean Sea, Paris, Brussels, all these places take a maximum of 4 hours to reach from Lyon, making it an ideal destination for tourists once they are in France. The city is not very cold in winter which is also a great attraction for tourists to come here all round the year. It is easy to fly to Lyon. The international airport of Lyon, Lyon Saint Exupery airport has flight services connecting the city to all major destinations. There are several things to do in Lyon some of which are mentioned below:

  • Visit the Place Bellecour

This pedestrian square is a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site which is sandwiched in between the Rhone and the Saone rivers. The statue of Louis XIV sitting at the back of a horse is a landmark of Lyon.

  • Go to the Place des Terreaux

Most of the places in Lyon are at walking distance from each other, so is the Place des Terreaux from Place Bellecour. The most interesting feature of this place is the Bartholdi fountain which provides a mesmerizing view. The place also displays ruins of Roman artifacts.

  • Enter the Traboules

Traboules are secret passages that were once accessed by the silk merchants to transport goods quicker and reach the parallel streets through these passages. You can push the doors and enter these passages which will provide you a wonderful opportunity to experience the medieval Lyon.

  • Visit the ancient theatre of Fourviere

This monument is a famous theatre hall of Lyon which showcases the Nuits de Fourvière drama festival every year during the months of June and July since 2000 years. The theatre could accommodate as many as 1000 spectators together, although the theatre had been broken, after a series of renovation, it has again become a remarkable tourist spot of Lyon.

  • Experience the magic of the Gallo Roman Museum

This is a contemporary museum of France whose building deserves special mention as part of it is underground located beside the Roman theatre. The museum displays various pieces of art among those which needs special mention are the Circus Games Mosaic, Gauilish Coligny Calendar, the Lyon Tablet etc.

Thus, following this article thoroughly will enable you to get a glimpse of the things to do in Lyon.