5 Awesome Things To Do In Prague

5 Awesome Things To Do In Prague

The largest city and the capital in the Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. A place where thousands of years of history are still alive today, where Gothic and Renaissance architecture meet and beer flows in ancient medieval streets. It is one of the most visited destinations not only in Europe but the whole world. But with so much to do here, let’s break it down to five one of the most awesome things to doin Prague!

Watch The Astronomical Clock

Clocks are not something that you would often see as a top attraction in the city, but Prague’s astronomical clock is not to be missed!

It came to life all the way back in 1410 and today it’s the oldest operating astronomical clock on the planet. The clock can be found on the southern wall of the Old Town Hall.

Head to the Old Town Square to watch the medieval clock in action and wait for it to strike the hour. Once the clock hits an hour, all of the 12 apostles come to life with other four figures on the sides, each representing a meaning of their own.

Take A Walk On The Charles Bridg

Charles Bridge is another awesome and historical sight, not only for the eyes but for your feet as well.

The medieval bridge connects Prague Castle and the Old Town of Prague with mesmerizing views of the city.

Be prepared for a possible confrontation with an army of tourists as Its one of the most popular things to do in Prague. Stroll above the Vltava river, meet baroque statues and walk in the footsteps of history that dates back all the way to the year of 1357 when the construction of the iconic bridge started.

Try The Famous Local Liquor – Becherovka

Let’s take a turn to the entertainment side. What about going out and trying something awesome with local experience? If you are looking for a local drink with a volume that turns cheeks red quickly, then look no further!

Containing no chemicals and made from more than 20 types of spices and herbs, Becherovka liquor is definitely something to try in Prague.

Visit The Prague Castle Complex

Who knew that Prague is also ahome to the largest ancient castle in the world? And definitely one of the most beautiful ones as well.

A giant 45-hectare fortress hosts every architectural style of the past and attracts almost 2 million people each year. And rightfully so, the magnificent castle enriched with history is not a place to skip in the capital of Czech Republic.

The Prague Castle Complex contains more than enough sites to see including five churches, multiple halls, towers, gardens,and palaces. Discover many beautiful sites inside the complex which are charming inside and outside and try to be there for a guard changing ceremony at noon every day.

Prague River Cruise

Let’s get closer to nature and see all the historical sites and buildings from a different angle.

You definitely don’t want to miss an opportunity to take a cruise on the beautiful Vlata river.

Take a longer cruise of two hours and enjoy lunch or dinner on board. Prague river cruise is a perfect getaway and allows you to escape from all the hustle and bustle in the buzzing streets of Prague.

Enjoy lovely views, nature,and serenity and sail along the waterways of history.