What to eat during a food tour in Naples, Italy

What to eat during a food tour in Naples, Italy

Taking part in a food tour of Naples, Italy, will allow you to experience a real gourmet Italian meal and also, it’s a good opportunity to walk along the streets of the city while discovering and tasting a great variety of delicious food and wines!

But what should you eat during the food tour? Are all the typical foods as delicious as pizza or mozzarella di bufala? Here’s a list of some tasty Neapolitan foods you can find all around the city. It is full of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner but not all of them can ensure you a real, Italian gourmet experience.  For that reason, we suggest that you avoid the risk of missing out on all this good food by relying on an expert guide.  A guide will be able to help you navigate the narrow streets and alleyways of Naples, and set you on the right path towards tasty Neapolitan food.

Artisanal products, ancient recipes and local wines

An expert guide will lead you on a discovery of Naples culinary heritage through three categories of typical foods: artisanal pastry products, the most ancient recipes and typical wines from the area surrounding Vesuvius.

First of all, you can’t miss the unique chance to investigate the huge variety of artisanal pastry products. Neapolitan pastries such as babà, pastiera and sfogliatella are the most popular and well-known baked goods in the area, even if there are other less famous pastries that you can ask for. By entering any historical bakery in Naples, you’d see that they offer so much more than the above mentioned items. For example, the so called struffoli. They are made with small pieces of shortcrust pastry covered with honey and often garnished with candy sprinkles.  It is likely one of the most ancient pastries and dates back to the Greeks. Nowadays, people often prepare this pastry at Christmastime and not necessarily year-round.

What about ancient recipes? One of the most interesting is called “colatura di alici” (literally: “anchovy sauce”). This recipe dates back to Roman times and it comes from Cetara, a small fishermen’s village on the Amalfi Coast.

Finally, we get around to discussing the wines. The best wines you can find in Campania come from the area surrounding Vesuvius, an active volcano that is perched overtop of Naples. The wines coming from this area are mainly red wine and have been the most celebrated since ancient times, due to their unique flavors. In fact, the volcanic soils are among the best for the cultivation of the grapevine and the presence of minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium in the soil, ensure intense aromas and good alcohol levels in the wine.

Falanghina, for example, is the name of a local product that has won many awards. It is a special sparkling wine and you can give it a try in any good wine shop.

A food tour of Naples is more than tasting food!

Beyond the culinary heritage of Naples, we would like to remind the visitors that a food tour of Naples (Italy) is more than tasting the food. It is a global experience that will take you on a journey to the lesser known places where you can try the local food. These places could be otherwise difficult to find if you are not a local and if you don’t know the streets of Naples like the back of your hand.

Your guide will show you all the hidden corners of the city like only a local could do. This is the reason why we suggest that you take part in a food tour of Naples planned by an Italian agency, so that you can be sure that your guide will be a local and you will get the most authentic adventure possible.

Your guide will also be able to tell you stories and secrets about the local culinary tradition so that your food tour of Naples will not only be an educational tour about the food, but will also give you some of the backstory and history of its inception.  As we know, food is something very serious for Italians. It’s not necessarily just about feeding oneself for survival but it is a social event and what brings people together.