Family Summer Vacation in the Northern Golan

Family Summer Vacation in the Northern Golan

A visit to a beautiful fortress ( צימרים בצפון), a walk-in thick wood, cherry picking and berries, a field trip between fields and orchards, and accommodation in wooden and stone huts 1,000 meters above sea level. All of these make the North Golan the perfect destination for a family summer vacation in a European scent.

Kibbutz Merom Golan

Kibbutz Merom Golan is famous for his horse farm, the cowboy farm. The farm houses well-groomed horses for which the children are just watching them. Of course, you don’t have to settle for that. The little ones can enjoy riding in the farm area and for larger ones, from the age of ten and above, scenic hiking trips are offered outside the farm. There are short one-hour walks, such as the hike around the Burden Volcano, which provides wonderful views of Syria and Mount Hermon, or the trip to Contra Valley that passes through the kibbutz’s vineyards and groves and provides wonderful scenic views.

Forest, Fort and Cherries

It is a well-preserved fortress, surrounded by a wall where watchtowers and observation towers are set, with the breathtaking views of the Galilee and the Golan Heights, Lebanon and the Hula Valley from almost every corner. The trip here stirs the imagination of the children that the fortress is studded with shooting holes, towers, knights’ halls, cisterns, spiral staircases and even a mystery tunnel that emerges from the fortress areas and was apparently used to smuggle people or provide food. The best proof of the magic of the place lies in the fact that Saturday Eight wanted to give up all plans the next day to visit here again.

A real Cowboy Restaurant

Adjacent to Marom Golan’s Cow Farm is the veteran cowboy restaurant, one of the best steak restaurants in the country, featuring a winning combination of fine beef from the Golan Heights cattle herds and a special atmosphere of a real cowboy restaurant. Pleasant and delicious at the cowboy restaurant, and as someone who usually avoids eating meat and keeps eating meat only for special occasions, the meal at the cowboy restaurant was definitely a special event that justified the departure. There is also a great selection of starters here, and even vegetarians will find dishes like Primavera gnocchi or roasted green dish. The kids have hot dogs, schnitzels, a burger, grilled chicken or poppy, served with fries and vegetables.

Sweet Dreams

There are studio rooms here scattered among the lawns but it is especially advisable to choose the lovely log cabins and basalt stone, beautiful inside and out. The spacious cabins have a double bedroom and living room that three children can sleep in, a fully equipped kitchenette (including microwave, refrigerator and utensils) and a hot tub. For a real treat, you may want to choose the ballast suites, which are actually upgraded cabins equipped with a fireplace, a coffee machine and a particularly luxurious (no hot tub) shower that includes a rain head and a massage panel that will send you back massages.

A pleasant stroll through the (EXPLOREצימר בצפון), which is one of the most beautiful in the country, embedded in the metal sculptures of the kibbutz resident Joop de Jung. Along the way you will find some surprises, such as an invested playground, a well-kept living area and a gallery that showcases and offers for sale the works of the kibbutz artists, with some lovely things you really want to take home. In the summer there is also a swimming pool.