7 Things to Consider While Travelling to Las Vegas

7 Things to Consider While Travelling to Las Vegas

One of the most exhilarating destinations around the world is Las Vegas, especially if you are looking for a quick trip full of things to see and do. It is also one of the easiest places to make mistakes, that’s why you need to be in the know how about how Vegas works. It is for this reason that the phrase ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ‘was coined.  Here are a few tips that you need to know before flying to Vegas.For discount on travel, check this page for car rental, flight tickets and accommodation.

Stay at the right hotel

Most people traveling to Vegas will want to spend very little at the hotels and more in the casinos and other fun activities. This is a mistake you do to make. Pick a good hotel and take advantage of the complimentary. You can also choose a cheaper one and ask for the upgrades which the hotel will be more than willing to give. Benefit from the off-season when few events including trade fairs and extravaganzas are not in town. These bring in more than 150 thousand tourists causing a rise in the hotel rates as well as doubling of the condiments. Your budget will determine where you will stay at the end of the day. It is important that you ensure that you have saved up well before the trip.

Drinking on the plane

It is not a good idea to start the party on the airplane as many revelers think. This will only contribute to a bad start which will include hangovers, being tired and jet lag. You will want to hit Vegas alert and sharp for the activities of the day for the value of your money. You do not want to spend the first day cooped up in the hotel room nursing a headache. Drinking in moderation all through the trip will also allow you to enjoy most of the activities.

Tacky taxi drivers

Taxis will be the end of you if you do not understand the lingo they use. The drivers will always ask two questions to determine the kind of fares they will charge you. These include your destination and whether you have been to Vegas before. The first question is easy to answer. The second one will determine how much they charge. Ensure that you inform the taxi driver that you have been to Vegas before. It is also important that you avoid stopping taxis along the road or at the strips. Every hotel has a cab drop off point from which you can comfortably pick a taxi from a long line of them. Picking a cab anywhere is illegal, and chances are they will not stop.

Smart clubbing

There are only two reasons why you should hit any of the clubs along the Vegas Strips. One of these would be because you know people on the inside. You will otherwise spend very long hours on the lines as well as at the table without drinks. The best way to handle clubs is ensuring that you go with someone that knows someone inside the club for better service. This may be a DJ, Bartender or Bouncer. The clubs on the strips are high end and can be very selective.

Stick to the budget

There are countless reasons why you need to stick to the budget. Vegas is a money guzzling experience that most will regret about at the end of the trip if measures are not taken. The best way to put a cap on the whole issue is by ensuring you come up with stringent spending measures. Show tickets are one of the most expensive endeavors, and one should avoid buying them at face value. Ensure that you plan for all the shows that you will be at be at ensuring that you book online earlier. This will also provide some opportunities for discounts. Set aside a limited amount of money for gambling and ensure that you do not go over the limit no matter how well or bad things get for you. Bad gambling is likely to lead to a nasty experience in Vegas.

Avoid cheap food

Food from Las Vegas will be one of the things to enjoy, and so it will be wise for you to know the tricks. Avoid crappy food as it will cause you problems. Take the time to find good places to eat where the food is reasonably priced yet worth talking about. Eating at fast food joints will leave you feeling crappy at the end of the day. Do not overeat at the buffet either. Smaller quantities will still have you alert enough to enjoy the nightlife instead of blacking out too early.

Do not overstay

One day is perfect in Vegas. Two days are even better. Three days will be okay if you are under 30. More than three days will be disastrous and will make you never to want to come back to Vegas.