Board a Catamaran and Sail through the Caribbean This Year!

Board a Catamaran and Sail through the Caribbean This Year!

Which destination are you looking for this sailing season? A land spread with white sands, fringed with palms and rung with corals? Well, Caribbean is the name of this destination!

Remember Captain Jack Sparrow stating – ‘’Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate”?

Well, truly speaking – Caribbean is that domain which offers its viewers a perfect blend of natural scenery as well as water sports. Hence, setting sail on your Caribbean yacht charter is the perfect name for vacation.

However, before you take the plunge, here’s a query – Are you planning to go in for those usual activities on the island? If so, then please sail back! Folks – there’s so much to explore here that you need to plan your itinerary in the correct format (here’s just a sample to start off!) to enjoy the best.

Why wait? Scroll down – here are the details of your Caribbean vacation.

Temperature and Rainfall

Why would you avail crewed Caribbean charters for a visit to these islands? A flight could also land you there! True! However, imagine the scenario – the temperature is within 24-29 degrees, rain follows its predictable rhythm, and the sun shines strongly on the shores! Would a flight give you a chance to explore these natural treats?

Hence, rent a crewed catamaran and see what it feels to be surrounded by migrating birds, nesting turtles and other submarine species as you sail towards your destination.

Cannot miss destinations

When you have booked yacht charters Caribbean crewed specifically for this trip, then you must visit these destinations. From the islands of Greater Antilles in the Jamaican domain to St. Lucia, Grenada, Martinique, and Dominica – the experience of visiting these islands and that too by sailing is truly worth remembering.

In for some more adventure? Get onto one of those crewed Caribbean yachts and sail over to the Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire islands. The trade winds will guide your charter, and you could try your hand at windsurfing on this island!

Must-do activities

If you have got yourself on one of those Caribbean yacht charters, then anchor it at a nearby beach and jump into the waters for these amazing activities, almost a tradition for Caribbean visitors.

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Start off with diving! January-August is the best time to dive and check out what the pristine blue world has in store for you. From whale, sharks to planktons and finally to corals and its inhabitants, the colors available beneath the sea are no less than Candy Crush. Spare a day, anchor that Caribbean yacht charter around the Greater Antilles and jump into this aqua world.

Next in line comes turtle watching! Yes, St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenadines islands offer a range of options as – giant leatherback, hawksbill and green turtles before you. They come close to the sandy beaches during March-September, and you can go in for turtle tours as well!

Besides the water ones, there are land activities too. With docks available for Caribbean yacht charters, drop your anchor and try out hiking in St. Lucia. It also offers good bird watching options, and you have the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago for the company.

Excited? Well, book your Caribbean yacht charter in advance, since this time of the year, bookings are in full swing.

So, is it a crewed catamaran finally?