Things You Need To Know When Visiting Bangkok

Things You Need To Know When Visiting Bangkok

Millions of People visit Bangkok every year as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions for backpackers traveling to Thailand. It has great tourist attraction including cultural monuments, temple, canal rides, and bustling markets. As many travelers visit this city every day, some of the businessmen try to scam the travelers by charging more than the actual price. Therefore, we have brought to some tips that will help travel safe and avoid scams when visiting Bangkok. These things will also help you plan your trip.

Here is the list of things that you should know before visiting Bangkok:

1. Learn Bargaining

Other than the food, you should always try to bargain items or things when buying in Bangkok. Because there are many local sellers, who will try to sell the items at a higher price or even double the actual price when they notice you are a tourist. So what you can do is, bargain the price and don’t show your lot of interest when shopping any item. Sellers will surely give your discount or negotiate at a lower price than before. 

2. Don’t Book Your Hotel Room from Third Party

Don’t Book Your Hotel Room via a third party website or agent. Even if you are booking so make sure they are genuine and do not comprise with the quality of service as there are many third-party websites you claim to give you discount but do not provide you the quality service. There are many 5 Star Hotels in Bangkok having official websites for clients to book rooms and provide services at great prices and packages for your stay. 

3. Get a Tuk-Tuk Ride

Tuk-Tuk Ride is must experience or bucket list experience for people traveling to Bangkok. But you should get a tuk-tuk ride only when traveling to the short distance which can cost you around 70 to 75 baht. Drivers will try to cost you more, but make sure you confirm the price before getting into a tuk-tuk.

4. Must Try Thai Food

Thai food is really awesome, and you must try Thai food from small restaurants roadside. If you see lots of local people visiting the place, then you can ensure that the food there is awesome and fresh as the Thai food is absolutely fantastic.