Enjoy Your Beach Vacation With A Perfect Bodyboard

Enjoy Your Beach Vacation With A Perfect Bodyboard

When you have planned a day out at the beach, bodyboarding and catching waves are a mandatory part of your checklist. It is a revitalizing feeling to chase waves. While surfing becomes an onerous sport, bodyboarding is comparatively more relaxed and friendly that doesn’t require a lot of skill and practice.

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Things To Consider While Buying A Bodyboard

There are a few factors that determine the worth of a bodyboard as good or bad. Read on to find out how to choose your perfect pick.

Size: The bodyboard should be in accordance with your body weight and height. This ensures the ease of handling.

Material: The board should be robust and durable.

Stringer: Consider the stringer. It offers flexibility and strength to the board.

Tail: The shape of the board influences how the bodyboard will glide through water.

Thickness: Boards ranging between 51-55 mm are the most opted for bodyboards.

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Top 10 Best Bodyboards

Have a look at the Top 10 best bodyboards in 2018.

  1. Own the Wave ‘Beach Attack Pack’ – WAVE WEAPON Super Lightweight Body-board: This body board is best suited for beginners. Owing to the fact that it is lightweight, the board is designed in such a way that it is extremely durable and swift. It weighs around 150 pounds.
  2. California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard (44-Inch): Another board that is suited for beginners, this bodyboard lays special emphasis on the comfort of the riders. The tail is designed into a crescent shape which helps the rider have good control.
  3. Big Lizard Pro Series Body Boards: This board lays special focus on maneuverability and speed control. The body of the board is heat sealed so as to assure that the core is not infiltrated by water. However, it is available in only two sizes.
  4. Lucky Bums Body Board: The base of the board is made of polyethylene. This equipment is very swift once placed on the surface of the water. It is suitable to be used in all wave conditions.
  5. Empire Makai Bodyboard: Designed for simple use, this board isn’t a wise choice when it comes to heavy waves.
  6. 662 Sixsixtwo Splash Bodyboard: This board is made up of EPS core of high grade and has the IXPE material for decking. This facilitates higher speed gain during catching waves. The thickness of the board accounts for its buoyancy.
  7. THURSO SURF Lightning 42” Bodyboard Package: This bodyboard has been designed for easy gliding. There are two stringers that add to the durability and strength of the board. There are lower risks of delamination. A contoured surface offers better grip.
  8. Catch Surf Wave Bandit Shockwave 42′ Short Surf Board: Once you get your hands on this board, get ready to catch up speed with the waves.
  9. Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board: This board is very robust and sturdy and is comfortable to use.
  10. ZEFR RECON 42″ Bodyboard: This bodyboard offers the extra stability that makes it suitable to be used by children.