Visa for Hungary

Visa for Hungary

Hungary is a member of the European Union organization and Schengen area with a highly developed economy. The growth rate is high and due to reduced tuition fee, attracts thousands of international students from around the world. The cost of living is quite high for foreigners, as the economy is quite stable.

You need to go through the usual process of the visa to get entry into Hungary, for any visit. To apply for the Hungarian visa, you can directly contact the embassy or get help from some visa consultants working in your city.

Is Hungary Visa easy to get?

It is easy to get Hungary visa for countries exempted from the visa requirement. However, it does not mean if you are not a citizen of visa-exempt countries, you will not quickly get a Hungarian visa. The ease of getting a visa depends on the diplomatic relation of applicant’ country with Hungary and the time period of your application. If the number of applications is less, and a clear record helps you get visa easily.

Hungarian Visa Application approval available at IAVISA.

How do I get a visa for Hungary?

There are two ways to get a visa for Hungary. The traditional way of getting a visa is to apply through the embassy. First of all, collect your documents required for visa application. You will need variable documents depending on your purpose of the application, but some are necessary for any purpose.

  • A valid passport for up to 6 months.
  • Two recent passports sized photographs.
  • Filled and signed application form.
  • Documents showing complete medical history in the case going for treatment.
  • Letter of invitation from the host institution (in case applying for a study visa)
  • Invitation letter from sponsor (in case applying for a work visa)
  • Certificate of financial soundness
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Detailed information about your stay location.

If you have all these required documents, you need to follow the given procedure to get a visa for Hungary.

  1. Go to nearest operating embassy or consulate of Hungary.
  2. Get an appointment for an interview. Fill the visa application form available at the embassy or fill from an online website.
  3. As Hungary is a Schengen country, you need to select the specified country of visit.
  4. Go to the embassy to give an interview at the consulate. You may be asked for your purpose of visit.
  5. Pay the visa application fee.
  6. Submit the application and required documents at the embassy by hand. The embassy does not accept application by post.

After this, you need to wait for your visa, which is generally processed within 15 working days. Nowadays, several visa consultants like us are providing services in the visa application process. We can help you with this tiresome process by submitting your documents and getting the interview date. So your time is saved.

Moreover, you can also apply for e-visa if you are planning for a short visit. Just fill the online application at our website, pay the visa fee, and get a visa within three working days.

How much is Hungary visa fee?

The visa fee for Hungary is similar to the visa cost for Schengen countries.

  • Visit visa for adults is €60.
  • Visit visa for children between age 6-12 is €35.
  • Children under the age of 6 do not have visa fee.
  • Students do not have to pay for a study visa. But the registration fee of universities is €100-€150.
  • Work and resident permit fee is €900.